Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday and Undiscovered: Laughing Creek Productions

What a fun shop! Laughing Creek Productions offers creative outdoor furniture that is perfect for your backyard, folding up and taking on the go to the park or the marina, and to relax in. This shop is such a great find as the sun starts coming out again in the Great Northwest!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun and Wacky Wednesday with Lisa Ferrante

The truly fun art of Lisa Ferrante was a wonderful find on Etsy today! I love the colors, the whimsy, the cohesive style! Be sure to swing by this shop: there are original pieces, prints, and tote bags!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Talk - Did You Put the Cart Before the Horse?

To Do Magnet by Art Whims

As I was putting together my painting to do list last night, I realized that I have been putting the cart before the horse in my business: I have been doing things a little backwards. I found this error in the time that I spend networking versus creating. So I decided to reevaluate my time spent in each task.

I found that I spend a disproportionate amount of time networking. I am a social person, so it is not surprising that I would fall into the habit of spending an imbalanced time networking to creating. 

Is this the right choice? 

As an online retailer it is very important to build a positive reputation, to make connections, and to make your name and product visible. This should be done both online and offline and involves talking with people. It involves trying to find ways to make meaningful and authentic contributions to the lives of others and to seek out their advice in areas of business that you might want some. You have to create a brand and a positive environment to couch our product in. It is through these connections and environment that sales are possible.

It is equally important to be creating in a business - especially in the handmade and art world. You have to make time to brainstorm, to draft, to execute projects. For me this means that I need to explore the world and talk with people about what their needs are in the household. I have to do research on what colors are popular in home decor. I need to do sketches of new designs and think about what colors I would like to paint them. And then it is time to paint. 

Separately, networking and creating have limited rewards. If you only network you can meet new people but you will quickly run out of product and find yourself scrabbling to create more. If you only create you will have product, but not a solid following and as a result fewer sales. We have to find a balance of networking to creating. If you do not have the amount of product to support the volume of networking that you are doing people may want to shop, but you could be sold out!

I am going to be busy exploring these balances over the next month. I know right now that I need to put more time into creating to balance my business. So I am off to paint! 

Have you found a networking - creating balance in your business? 

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