Monday, December 15, 2008

A New Craft Tool Available from radrb8vicki!

In the wonderful world of Etsy, I have had the opportunity to meet a number of wonderful people, but radrb8vicki has been a great source of inspiration and awe! She makes paper beads and items out of them like purses, which in their own right are magnificent. But what is most amazing is the new tool that she has created! Radrb8vicki has made a new craft tool for making those beautiful beads that we all adore in her shop! Radrb8vicki hopes that teachers will soon adopt her tool into their classrooms so that art can reach the lives of more students, more kids who could just use a little relaxation. Radrb8vicki has melted my heart and I hope that you stop by to see the wonderful paper bead maker!


  1. Vicki is a wonderfully supportive Etsian! I cannot wait to get the green paper beads from her!

  2. I love radrb8vicki's stuff! She's in my favorites. :)


    I just received my bead maker from radrb8vicki and it is all that I thought it would be!

    Even my husband got excited about the bead making tool! I cannot wait to use it when I help teach kids art!


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