Saturday, April 4, 2009

A New Identity for Art Whims!

This last week has been incredible! With the help of my loving husband, I have been working hard to recreate the identity of Art Whims. I have created a new logo, slogan, and have been very busy revamping shop. I have pulled a lot of late nights getting this going, but it has also been a great deal of fun!

With a new logo and slogan also brings new ways of advertising. I am currently having a custom window decal made by Rita of Squier. She is very customer friendly and has worked to create a layout that I love!

In addition to mobile advertisement I am working with Donna Pool to create buttons that I can hand out to customers or people that I meet. They are awesome! I have worked with Donna before to create buttons and they came out fantastic! I cannot wait to receive the new ones!

I am also working with Jennifer of My Paper Crafts to design some custom packaging labels that I can use on my dishwasher buddies, and laundry buddies. They are looking great!

I am so happy to share that Art Whims is growing into the business I always hoped it would be!


  1. Thanks for featuring the buttons I made for you! I love working with my customers to get just what they need!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! It was a pleasure working with you. Your new image is looking good!

  3. Just received my buttons! I LOVE THEM! I will be ordering more very very soon!

  4. Everything looks like it is falling into place nicely! It all looks so crisp and clean! Best of luck with your 'launch'!!!


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