Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog Remodel

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I was looking through my Blog, wondering how I can make it better and more interesting for my readers, followers, and fans. And one thing that I came to realize is that the Blog is in need of a remodel and this makeover needs to have a schedule! Starting today Art Whims will be commited to the following blog schedule:
  • Monday: Must Have Mondays - This column will feature some of my favorite Etsians and new gadgets for creating.
  • Tuesday: Tuesday Talk - This column will focus on all things Art Whims and Art Whims Paper. There will be new product features, insights to creative visions and processes, and opportunities to get to know the creator better- that's me!
  • Wednesday: Fun and Wacky Wednesday - This column will explore the world of the unique, wacky and fun on Etsy, featuring artists that capture such fun elements in art, jewelry, sculpture, and much more.
  • Thursday: Thursday and Undiscovered - The goal of this column is to feature "undiscovered" artists found using the pounce function on Etsy and get them discovered! Having an online presence is the key to Etsy success after all!
  • Friday: On the Homefront with... - As a proud Army spouse and daughter of a Navy Seabee, I was naturally drawn to become a member of the Homefront Team on Etsy! Each Friday this column will feature a Homefront team member, their shop, or a collection of work following themes for the season or holiday.
  • Saturday: Let's Play, It's Saturday! - This column will feature toys for kids and adults alike, things needed for the exploration of the great outdoors, games, and ideas for fun activities.
  • Sunday: A Day of Rest and So Relaxed - And now time for some rest. This column will feature all those wonderful things that help us relax: bath products, bedding, a sense of peace found in art and scents, and much more.
I hope that you will join me as I embark on this Blogging journey. If you would like to be featured in a column, please feel free to Contact Me . And be sure to include a link to you Etsy Shop.

Have a great day!
Art Whims

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  1. The blog remodel looks great and sounds great too! Have fun with it. :)


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