Monday, February 15, 2010

Must Have Monday - A Red Dress


 Some time ago I was chatting with my husband when he mentioned that he had a dream of me in a red dress, and so I started the hunt on Etsy for the perfect red dress. I have come across several that I absolutely love and wanted to share those with you this Must Have Monday

 Dress by  Ananya 

Dress by Nata Jane


  1. ooOOOooo... love them all! They look beautiful! Which one will you surprise your hubby in???

  2. Patricia: I have not decided yet... since it will be in the summer I am leaning toward the one by Ananya since I do not need to be dressed formally, but I am also thinking that the dress by Nata Jane may work if we have a semi-formal to attend. I can say this, I love them all and cannot wait to get all dolled up :)

    You should also check out this one:

    I have been eying that one for some time now :)

  3. Summer will be here very soon! Thank you so much for including my polka dot smocked dress! : )


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