Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Day of Rest and So Relaxed - Defining Relaxing


Merriam-Webster (2010) defines relaxing in many ways, but this one seems most applicable to this column: to "seek rest or recreation." I know, you are probably thinking to yourself: Rest? Recreation? How do I find the time? The answer is not to find time, but to make the time to do what you enjoy. I can say that I personally do not follow that simple rule often enough, but I have been taking many steps toward finding the time to rest and go outside. Lucky for me, many of my business tasks are both recreational and restful; I get to go on photography adventures such a hiking and to conservatories, and paint while talking with my amazing husband or watching TV when he is not home. And a good laugh is always a great way to find a moment of peace - I am so thankful my hubby has such a wonderful sense of humor!

What does relaxing look like in your life?

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