Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Talk - Business Outlook


Over the last two months I have focused on expanding Art Whims with more product lines, more color options and new photography. I have been really blessed by custom inquiries that have challenged my creativity and opened my eyes to a whole new world of product possibilities.

With the reassessment and expansion in the products available at Art Whims and Art Whims Paper, comes a new look at how to network both online and offline. I have found that talking with people on twitter with the occasional plug for Art Whims has led to new fans and a steady group of new followers on the blog and my facebook page. It has also been really helpful to start connecting individually with team members on Etsy; now we can network together and I absolutely love to promote others! Offline I am currently investigating new packaging options. I have also ordered new business cards from MOO! that will arrive in 5 days! I am thrilled to see how they turned out (the informational side is pictured above).

This has been a great reevaluation, and a wonderful experience!

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