Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Talk - Studio Makeover PT 1

While I have been working on reorganizing my art room and painting area, I have come across others who are Spring cleaning their creative space. I will be featuring several people and hope that you will join me on this studio make over adventure! 

A Girl and Her Brush
Her studio makeover - why it was done and how 
by Wendy Brightbill 

"I just recently turned my new found love of collage painting into a business, a girl and her brush. Right now, I live in a home where I don't have an extra room devoted for my painting. I am really looking forward to the day when I do, but until then, I have to work with what I do have. Before my makeover, I was painting at my dining room table. I found it extremely frustrating because nothing was organized and we couldn't sit down to eat dinner as a family anymore. One day, I couldn't find one of my tools, so I decided something had to change.

I knew that I needed to be smarter about the way my room was designed. Function was key. All of the sudden, I saw my baker's rack in a new light. Before the makeover, I used it to show off my pretty dinnerware and glassware (things that I never used anyways). So I packed up all of my dining room pretties, and put them into storage. Then I scoured the house for baskets not in use and quickly organized my painting supplies placing them on the baker's rack. I thought about how I painted and arranged my easel, chair and supplies accordingly. I also turned my big wall into a gallery of all my favorite paintings. I can change them out as pieces come and go. For this makeover, I did not spend a single penny. I just repurposed items that I already had.

Before, I felt frustrated and scattered when creating. Now, I love the ease and function of my space. I know where everything is located and and can put all my supplies back in their home when finished. And maybe best of all, is the fact that we can use the room for what it is meant to be, a dining room. You may not have a whole room to devote to a studio, but you might have a corner. I hope my space inspires you to think outside the box." 

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  1. Thanks for featuring my art studio on your blog!


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