Thursday, November 27, 2008

Showing Support for Our Troops

Lately I have been working on some ornaments for the season and decided it was about time that I showed support for our troops through art work. I have created an Army Snowman Ornament and a Navy Snowman Ornament thus far and will be working to create more ornaments for the other branches as well! I am so excited about the way that they turned out.

I would also like to share a few of my favorite Etsians who either design items that show support for our troops or are related to members of the Armed Forces.

Homemade Zen sells a wide variety of crocheted critters that are perfect for children of all ages!

Another great Etsy shop is TwoSeaSideBabes. These gals are great crochet technicians! Let me tell you I am always impressed by the variety that their shop offers!

EarthAngelStudios is also a fantastic shop! You will find “boo boo” bags that as EarthAngelStudios writes are great for: “Great for warm therapy for migraine pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and injuries, mastitis, breastfeeding, foot and hand warmers, gamers wrist, bean bag... err, rice bag toss. Keep these things in the freezer and they'll always be ready for stubbed toes, bumped noggins, bonked elbows, and other general aches, pains, and bumps and bruises.”

I hope that you will stop by some of these shops and see what they have to offer!

Have a great Thanksgiving and do not forget to thank our many soldiers who work hard to keep our homes safe and full of love!


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