Friday, December 19, 2008

Suebee's Sensory Blankets

I love finding the useful items on Etsy, those items that work to make the lives of others better in their greatest time of need. The Etsy Shop Suebeebuzz has reached out to the Etsy public in just that way in creating Obies - sensory enhancing blankets that are perfect for soothing babies, helping children explore the world of colors, and for comforting those close to us with Alzheimer’s. Suebee's Obies are indeed the product that can reach so many people! I hope that you will all stop by her shop to check out all of her great products!


  1. I purchased a large one of the obie for my friend's new baby and the creator threw in a small one for the baby. My friend advises that the baby loves to cuddle with it when she is sleepy. Both we so beautiful, colorful and wellmade. I would reccomend this as a baby gift to anyone. The mothers will love it and babies are fasinated by them.

  2. Awww, I am so honored to be in your Blog! I wanted the blankets to be so much more then pretty! I have even had a call during the night when someone needed a replacement of one lost shopping! Im amazed at the reactions with Alzheimers people and children. Its been great being able to help children with sensory issues too!
    Blessings, and Happy Holidays, Suebee

  3. Hello all If you mention this blog in a convo to me I will send you a free Comfrey lip balm and Tab bracelet with every order! I also just added a gift certificate for less then the face value to my shop! Blessings, Suebee


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