Monday, June 22, 2009

On the Homefront with Turtley Awesome Crafts

"Ouchie! I fell down! " cries Maddie.
"It'll be okay, dear," replies the mother. "We'll go get that Ouchie Pouchie."
Sniffle, sniffle. "K, mommy."

Mothers, fathers, babysitters, and more will find great comfort in having a couple of these Ouchie Pouchies around made by Homefront team member Turtley Awesome Crafts! Filled with rice, and sewn with care, you can easily store these in the freezer and pull them out when needed.

You've got to check out this shop! It is fanstastic! In shop you will also find bibs, room decor, washcloths, and much more; all very adorable!


  1. Great idea... I can think of a hundred million times I would have used this with the little kids... geesh even now for myself.

  2. I should get one for myself too! I am always falling down! I have bruises all over :(


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