Monday, May 25, 2009

On This Memorial Day

Photograph taken at Pearl Harbor by my loving husband, Drew.

I have been a member of a military family my entire life. Starting as a NAVY "brat" and then becoming an ARMY wife I have always been exposed to the sacrifices that our soldiers encounter as well as their families. I am so thankful that there were and remain individuals that will fight for our freedoms, the nations stability and his our her family. Without these men and women I doubt that our nation would have made the progress that it has.

Please take this time to celebrate with me the strength, the valor, and bravery of all our soldiers past and present. To the soldiers and their families I send my love and strength! I will always remember.


  1. me too, begining as a navy brat, born in a Navy hospital, married a naval aviator, now a military widow. Dad at Arlington, and husband at Tahoma (Wa state military cememtary) Today is very special to me.

  2. Picture is breathtaking and really captures the feeling of freedom. Thanks for sharing,

  3. Here's to celebrating those who have, are and will fight for this country and all it stands for...a fabulous post...


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