Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday and Undiscovered: Memorial Day

This week as we approach Memorial Day I wanted to take time to remember those who are serving and have served in the past and in the more recent years, as well as those who have fallen. As an Army wife and a Navy daughter and sister, I am always reminded of the strength that these men and women must have to serve and the strength that their loved ones also must have to travel the journey with them.

Thank you for taking time to remember.

"Remember the Fallen" by Andrea LaRayne Etzel

One Nation Under God Onesie by Our Republic Apparel


  1. Though this can be a sad time of year it is a perfect reminder of those who have done so much for us. Our church takes a moment and asks all the people who have served and the families of those serving to come up. Tears and applause could last for hours..

  2. I am looking forward to our church service this year. We are having a color guard and will be lifting up names of those who are serving or have served. It is going to be very moving.


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