Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the Homefront: Remembering Those that Inspire Us

My hubby relaxing in a hammock in Afghanistan --- I made that hat for him!

My husband has an incredible knack for making the worst of situations as comfortable as possible. He will make you laugh, he will make you smile, he will bring tears of joy to your eyes! My husband is truly a major source of inspiration to me. He inspired me to make these soldier magnets:

and continues to inspire me to create many wonderful items for the home and office. His praise and encouragement is the best even when it is from thousands of miles away!

How have the men and women of the Armed Forces inspired you? Please use the comment space below to write about the service men and women who have inspired you. If you have a product line or item that they helped you come up with or encouraged you to create, please feel free to share a link to that item as well! I am excited to read and see what the wonderful men and women of our Armed Forces inspire in you!


  1. Having a husband in the US Coast Guard has meant moving around at least once every two years. While hubby loves his job and being part of something worthwhile and while we love experiencing new places, constant moving had put a major cramp in my plans to work or finish college. Crafting has allowed me to stay sane during deployments and when local temp agencies ran dry and over time I honed in on a specific craft that I enjoyed doing the most and decided to set up my little home business.

    In honor of our servicemen and women past and present, and to remind people that Memorial Day isn't just about beaches and BBQs, I give you my "Smells Like Freedom" Sundae:

    I also wanted to make mention of the little plush dolls that I've made for military families that can be found here:

    Have a Happy Memorial Day everyone and stay safe!

  2. Your hubby looks so comfy!!! On this memorial day weekend, I am going to be reflecting on the wonderful men that I know that have passed while serving our nation. They will always remain in my heart, and inspire me to live to the fullest every day, appreciating every moment I have with my friends and family.

  3. I received this lovely and inspiring email today:

    " As an air force wife we have had many moves and had the wonderful opportunity to see many new places. I had been sewing for years but with the birth of my daughter I realized there were many things I wanted that you just couldn't get! When she was 7 months we moved to Turkey and what a great experience! This is where I really started my business. There were so many families and I attended baby shower after baby shower and they all had to shop at the bx so the mom to be received many duplicate gifts. I started with baby blankets and burpies , then clothing. Now we are in the UK and I make so many new things for our military families.
    I am so grateful for the great opportunities the military lifestyle has provided me. My sewing keeps me busy when my hubby is gone and I am providing useful fun things for other moms and babies that don't have the shopping options like in the states.

    I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband ( who just made Master Sargent yesterday) and a beautiful daughter ( 4 on the 2nd) who gets just as excited about fabric as I do.

    After 13 years I Still love the military life!

    Lexie P

    My memorial day listing "

  4. Well as a submariners wife....I share a sickness that many of us do. It's a fetish with submarines! Don't laugh...I do get the tongue and cheek of it all.
    It's like being a New Yorker...or even a have to wear on the outside that you are a "submariner" (I mean really, if you live in Missouri, do you have bumper stickers and t-shirts for MO pride???).

    There is nothing quite like seeing that Submarine pull in and out of port. I fill up with pride.

    I think him being in the Navy has inspired me. It has inspired me to love this country more, to not take it for granted. It has inspired me to truly empathize with the families of other military members, and to not take our freedoms for granted!

    Here is a picture that I think goes along with the above:

  5. I think military life definitly inspires my creations!!! Being in the Army for a while myself, and then becoming an Army wife has given me views of the military in 2 different ways! I know what it's like to go thru on the training, the class, and MRE's (ewwwww! lol). But I also know what it's like to sit at home waiting for your loved one to come home. Waiting for a phone call (and basically attaching your cell phone to you at all times), for him to get on Skype, etc. My etsy shop started out as mostly just military themed jewelry (for military wives!). Jewelry making (and my other craft obsessions) have kept me sane during my husband's deployment. And wahooo only 4 months left!!!! :)

    So to all the military personnel and families- you rock!!! Happy Memorial Day!

  6. I am blessed to have my hubby at home working a civilian job, but my heart goes out to all who serve, and to the families who sacrifice so much.

  7. Thank you so much to everyone who share their stories, their inspiration and what it means to be connected to the military in relationship with their creativity.

    Also thank you to the many readers who have stopped by to read this column!

    We have all helped the soldiers to be remembered :D


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